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300-Hour Reflexology Certificate Course

In this Professional Reflexology Certificate course students are prepared for a career as a Reflexologist. Classes are taught using a combination of audiovisual presentations using a projector, whiteboard or paper chart, lecture, demonstration and return-demonstration, and laboratory.

About the Program

Reflexology is a gentle bodywork technique applied to maps resembling the human body located on the feet, hands, and outer ears. Students study the ten reflex zones, Reflexology-specific finger and thumb pressure techniques, and how to support internal organs and every body system through this unique modality. Reflexology is a deeply relaxing modality that promotes wellness from the inside out.

Course Outline

The 300-Hour Reflexology Certificate course is broken into six, 32-hour modules.
Classroom hours: 192
Professional Sessions: 4
Research Paper & Homestudy Assignments: 14
Documented Sessions: 90
Total hours: 300

Student Registration Packet (PDF)

300 Reflexology Program (PDF)

This 300 hour course  meets the educational guidelines set forth by the Reflexology Association of America (RAA),and prepares students to take the American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB) exam.

What Students Say…

“Great to have hands on experience to use on self as well as practical application on clients. Surprised at how it affected me.”
“Thank you Amy for a great class I look forward to incorporating this modality into my work.”
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